Namibia's child genius 






Namibia's Child Genius is an educational competition aimed at teaching and testing the younger minds through different techniques in various mental challenges such as Namibian History, Math, Basic Computer, Geography, Science, Spelling, Logic, Business Presentation, Memory and vocabulary. 

 The competition features children between the ages of 12 to 16 years old from across the country, all competing for a price of N$30 000.00 and the title of Namibia’s Child Genius.

Namibian cultural FESTIVAL

Namibian Cultural festival is a cultural event organized and managed by NCETA to celebrate Namibia's culture as a nation, the event entails participation of all Namibian ethnic groups such as Kavangos, Hereros, Namas, Ovambos, Damaras and more.

National Cultural festival is aimed at embracing Namibian Cultures as a nation and reminding the nation of our history through drama performances, cultural dances and selling and buying of staple and traditional foods.

Namibia's Child Genius (NCG)

Kavango East Region, Rundu Sport's stadium

about nceta

The National Cultural & Education Training Authority (NCETA) is an education service and event management company founded in the early year of 2019 (22 March 2019) by Mr.Romanus K Shidjukwe.

NCETA strives towards the authentic passion of the improvement of our educational systems in Namibia. Strengthening of the education system that will directly contribute to the quality, accountability and efficiency enhancements in education remains the objective purpose of NCETA. It is an organization composed of experts in education whose ambition is to help a Namibian child realize his/her goal through an active participation in education where he/she enjoys freedom to learn and strive towards the objective goal.


WHat we do

The National Cultural and Education Training Authority operates as an important wing under the Ministry of Education and all its activities are dedicated to better the course of the Ministry of Education.


We recruit education and administration staff for the   education industry and private businesses.

NCETA is  home to education and administration experts. Our recruitment bars are set high to provide you with the best candidates for the job. 


We plan and organize educational and cultural events as well as workshops, conferences and excursions for high school learners.

private tutoring

We provide substitute teachers  and private tutors for school  learners in various subjects such as Math, Science, History, Geography, languages, Economics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Development studies.

WEB development

We create, design and host websites for schools and businesses. 


Through the Team Motive program, NCETA offers motivational speaking services to high school learners, teachers, parents and business stuff. Topics range from parenting, academic, work, management and life and relationships.


  • Help learners/students apply for loans, bursaries and or scholarships. 
  • Teach debate to teachers and learners.
  • Create and design professional CVs / Resumes 

Contact Us

Address Kavango East Region, Rundu, P.O.BOX 1352
Opening time Monday-Friday: 08.00 -17:00